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Introducing the Pure Water Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
Under Sink Installation

Separate Fountainhead
Dispenses all
Food and Beverage Water

Capacities from 35 to 100
Gallons per Day Available

4 Gallon Storage Vessel

What can a
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
do for me?

We'll let our customers tell you!
There was a water main break up the street. The Town Council told us to boil the water for 20 minutes before using it. The water was black and it left a dark ring in the pot when I boiled it. We just couldn't drink it after we saw that. We got a Reverse Osmosis System from you and our problems were solved. Our pure water is always sparkling clear and tastes fantastic, thanks to you guys!
Agnes F.
My kids first found out about Kool-Aid at a birthday party. They came home and asked me to get them some, cherry flavored of course. I bought the unsweetened flavor and mixed it according to the package. They absolutely refused to drink it. After several tries to mix it differently, I gave up. Then my wife and I heard about Pure-Water and decided that we want to control the safety of our water. I suggested that my wife try the Kool-Aid again, just to see if what you told me was true. It was! My kids are drinking unsweetened Kool-Aid now instead of soda pop. We've even gotten them to drink water with meals. Thank you Pure-Water.
Frank P.
My coffee was horrible. It was gray and murky looking and sometimes things would be floating on top. I was ashamed to serve it at parties. Now my coffee is wonderful. Its aroma fills the house and I use less (coffee) grounds too. My husband sends 1000 thank you's.
Mildred W.
My Dad passed on several years ago and Mom can't carry those bottles (of water) up the porch steps any more so I purchased one of your systems. I couldn't believe how easy the installation was. I went back the next day to try the water. Needless to say, I'm going to order another system right now!
Jack A.
YES... It makes sense to me. I want a Reverse Osmosis system.
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